The fastforward blog is well worth a visit.  The blog is a “companion” to a conference taking place in San Diego next year on Enterprise 2.0  That looks as if it will be a fabulous event.

The blog led me to a super post on blackberry cold-turkey.

I write from experience. I was a “Crackberry” addict. As I look back and see how often I was rude or inattentive, I am embarrassed. As I look back and see how often I responded in haste to an email in the midst of other activities, I am appalled

I too, have this vice.  Apologies to anyone I have offended with my blackberry obsession.At least from this evening until into the new year I will lock the blackberry away. My new year’s resolution is to be less blackberry besotted. 

Continuing the turkey theme, my vegetarian readers may wish to look away at this point.

In the UK and many of the former colonies, the turkey is the main Christmas fare.  Here  are some useful facts on Turkey consumption.  In the US 22 million turkeys will be consumed this Christmas, which is half that consumed at Thanksgiving.

Just to show you how far SAP has infiltrated your celebrations, Is your turkey best practice?  Watch this mid-market success video.

If you haven’t bought your turkey yet, make sure it is a Carolina turkey. Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season.

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