Phil,  my favourite high priest of SaaS, posted recently on Composition.

My prediction is that 2007 is going to see an explosion of these DIY ‘enterprise mashup’ tools and applications, and that their adoption is going to fundamentally change the way we think about integration and customization.

 Phil is right. I suggest you read the whole post. There is  big change happening in the integration space. Lightweight, user driven integration will grow dramatically in 2007.  Phil is spot on: the business deskop will not be the same. I think Jeff and Rod are in the right place at the right time.

I’m not so sure that it spells the end of middleware though.  There are masses of complex business transactions that run without much user interaction, these won’t be mashed up anytime soon. 

My main gripe with Phil here is he makes out that composition is a SaaS thing. A trip over to SDN will point you to masses of composition and mash ups in the on-premise world.  The SaaS priesthood has a  faintly irritating habit of taking broad industry-wide innovations and annexing them as SaaSistics.

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