Passion and the Enterprise.

There is a new adaptation of  Sense and Sensibility  unfolding. It is set in the blogsphere. It is a noteworthy tale.  Starring Rod , Ed and Alan. Jeff, Nathan and Zoli have small but significant (cameo) roles in the comments.  It lacks the lyrical and tightly crafted prose of the original, but the unbridled passion and tension …The story unfolds over several acts, but  the final  comments are where the climatic action is.  I won’t spoil the drama here.

  In the days before blogging this would have been settled as below.

Today, the market will adjudicate.

Moving on, IBM, Second life…….

The folks at Redmonk have been chatting with IBM, as is their wont.  Check out what Cote had to say.   I posted on portals etc the other day, and in the comments I asked the Redmonkers  if they felt that Notes had seen better days.

James responded.

Notes get(s) “cannibalised” by Ventura if anything. but the Lotus Hannover release is pretty frigging slick, so i wouldnt be writing it off soon. IBM has just completed a multi-year refactoring of Notes/Domino and the benefits are going to be felt from here on in.

For details of Ventura read here.  IBM impresses me. When I am that age I hope I’m that agile and open to new things. CEO in second life and all that. The notes folks are strongly ensconced in second life too. Alan said…

At the moment I’d say it is a mix of hype and actual usefulness, but the point is, we’re at the dawn of “something”, and it is great to be a part of it.

Bringing things noteworthy  swiftly back to SAP, there is some good doc on the SAP- Notes integration over on the IBM Redbook site.    I have seen some clever stuff done with Notes and SAP, and lots of customers use them together. 

I also saw that IBM are also using a wiki to build new redbooks, a fine thing, as Tesha wiki at SAP would attest.  If you visit the Redbook wiki, and you dig around carefully, you will see that it is powered by not Notes, not Qedwiki, not Ventura but by Confluence

Something for everyone. Much Like how Sense and Sensibility ended.

Actually,   I’ll end with a quote by the mighty Jane herself, from a letter she wrote in 1817, and leave it as friendly advice to both protagonists….

I… do not think the worse of him for having a brain so very different from mine. … And he deserves better treatment than to be obliged to read any more of my works.”

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2 thoughts on “Passion and the Enterprise.”

  1. Thomas
    I feel as if I am somewhat responsible for the rash of Jane quotes that seem to be emanating from the Otter Household Blogosphere. Looking forward to seeing you next week. How about dinner at the Ikea showroom Thursday evening?


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