SDN, SAP and blogging yet again…

I’m on the SAP business flash subscription. This is a traditional push email subscription thingy that customers  and SAP watchers get.  It provides  links to press releases, marketing stuff,  webcasts, training courses and so on.  I’m guessing that most SAP customers have not become RSS junkies, so email subscriptions are a good way to reach these folks.  That said, you can also get it via this  RSS feed. (I’d prefer if this was abit more granular, but it is a feed at least)

I scanned the flash,  and was about to go on to other email, when I saw this.

Get a First Look at Project Muse: User Interface Blog Generates 32,000 Hits!
Read the second most-read SDN blog of all time! With over 32,000 hits, the Project Muse blog from Jeff Word of the SAP Product and Technology Group discusses the new interface through which SAP users can access any SAP application directly from their Macintosh, Linux or Windows client device. Also check out the related Project Muse demo and fact sheet

This is not the formal forum stuff on SDN, just the individual blog section there. This is a pretty good indicator of SDN’s relevance to SAP customers, it also makes the point that improving SAP’s UI is of interest to the customer base.

Within SDN blogging is taking off, with more and more folks contributing. (not all of it is brilliant and profound, but there is a lot of conversion going on.)  The wiki is growing too.  Also the lines are blurring between external blogging about SDN and “internal” SDN blogging.

Craig Cmehil recently posted this:

I often find myself reading through tons of blogs outside of the community here to find out what others have to say about the community here and I started to come across several bloggers in the outside world that not only talk about SAP but they talk about SDN as well.
One example I found was in his year end wrap up, Vinnie talks about SAP’s SDN: Such Delightful News
Another interesting way for you to track who is blogging about us is with a new little interesting “tag” we’ve started. You can find out more about this new way via our Wiki over here in the Community section – Blogging about SAP or via multiple other types of tags:
Technorati Tags: vinnie mirchandani, thomas otter, sdn blogger, sap
So if you are a blogger outside of SDN/BPX about SAP please add yourself to the list on the Wiki and be sure if you write a related post to use the “Technorati Tag” sdn blogger and keep them coming in 2007!

So, if you blog about SAP, why not go and add yourself to the wiki?  Even curmudgeons welcome. 

In other news, James Governor has written his shortest post ever.



5 thoughts on “SDN, SAP and blogging yet again…”

  1. I dont like SDN blogs. You can’t write freely and you’re posts have to go through editors.
    Most bloggers there are inactive or only write “press release” style posts rarely…
    Its more like a magazine where people can submit articles then a true blogging community.

    Also, and this is typical of SAP, instead of using some standard blogging software they had to make their own which doesnt support any standard. You can’t use blogging software to write entries and there isnt even a WYSIWYG web interface.

  2. Hi Eran since you decided to SLAM us I figure I’ll take a poke back and clear up your misunderstandings!

    One our blog systems is not our own – HEY how about that it’s actually one of the founding blog system done by O’Reilly themselves – it’s not the best and we are going to eventually replace it (probably middle of the year) that is for sure but in terms of standards it’s one of the ones that created the original standards. As for “most bloggers” being inactive we have 438 active bloggers out of 600 total another 200 have been approved but have yet to blog with an average of 20 blog posts a day? How is that inactive and where in the world do you find “press release” style posts? True our blog(s) is not the typical blog you might find out here in the Blogosphere but that was done by community choice they set the standard for the “article” style content they wanted and they don’t want the random thoughts and rantings – check out the current “debate” about it right now.

    Now for writing freely? Well as long as you adhere to what the community wants no one stops you and the only people who go through the editors are those just starting and it’s ONLY because our blog system is as you mentioned not so friendly. Typically after the first or second blog and you are comfortable with the system we then turn you loose.

    In fact in the last 6 months I have rejected exactly 5 blog posts from being posted and that was a lack of content issue – they had nothing in them 2 were submitted by accident the other 3 were that “random thought” content about nothing in particular and the rejection was followed by a comment about what the community expects.

    So lighten up and give us a break πŸ™‚ one person’s blogging community …. you know – I mean I won’t argue the SDN blogosphere is a unqiue one with a definite “different” approach to what is considered blogging but again community decided and community driven – things happen like that sometimes.

  3. Holy crap!.

    I must say that I’m constantly amazed that I can contribute such hollow content about SAP and still break records πŸ™‚ When I did the NW for Dummies book, I thought only a handful of SAP’ers would get it, and it ended up being a triple-best-seller (people still ask me for my autograph, which is really funny when I’m with Shai :).

    This little blog on SDN was a way for me to stop the flood of emails coming after the Muse demo I did in Shai’s Sapphire keynotes. I basically just took screenshots of the demo and re-wrote what Shai and I said on stage. Sorry to see that this blog is getting so much attention when there’s a mountain of better content out there (and actual experts). I can assure everyone, I never intended to get any attention, I was just trying to lighten the load on my inbox. I still get 4 or 5 emails about it each week tho πŸ™‚

    I guess that’s the real power of blogging


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