An HR blog well worth a read….

Donald H Taylor, to give him his full title, has a fine HR related blog.  There aren’t enough HR folks blogging. We need more Donalds and systematic HRs

Donald has an interest in Human Capital reporting, as I do.

Via the Taleo blog, I stumbled across the latest Hewitt Research. It is great to see us getting to the point whereby HR investment decisions can be related to business performance.

Results showed that the flow of pivotal employees – defined as employees in the top quartile of their peers in pay progression – into and out of an organization is a strong predictor of changes in Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI[1]) and shareholder value. 

This is good for the accountants, but it is even better for the HR folks who have a modicum of financial savvy. Head into your next meeting armed with the Mckinsey Talent Study, the Watson Wyatt Human Capital index etc and your own data and blast them with facts.  


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3 thoughts on “An HR blog well worth a read….”

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