Z is for…

Zoli writes a deeply  cool blog. It is a beguiling  mix of the serious and the silly.  He is a mine of information on SaaS cloud stuff and bizarre trivia.  Once upon a time he was an SAP consultant.

It was on Zoliblog  that I first heard about Zoho.  I have not paid much attention to alternative office tools.  I have Microsoft Word on my enterprisey IBM laptop and I’ve not felt the need to try anything else at work.  At home we use  Apple iwork and it does the job. I use Livewriter to write blog posts, as I found the wordpress.com editor prone to the occasional Great Harry Houdini moment.   Perhaps though, it is time to have a play with the office in the cloud.

Over on SDN,  Craig I never sleep Cmehil has started to document his experience of integrating Zoho and SAP.  (you need to read it all)

At this point I would normally have a captive audience of 3 or 4 people so I could spin off into a little experiment I had put together. The main idea of what I did was to demonstrate how easy it was to connect my NW04s system (the one running on my laptop – that blew some minds in itself) to Zoho. Now Zoho is the leading online office suite company who were the first to launch the complete package of office style applications as well as the first to offer full Sign on and now they’ve also launched an API.

Next time someone spins me the old old SAP is hard to integrate with lament,  I’ll point them there and here.   Apparently this is SOA.

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3 thoughts on “Z is for…”

  1. So nice of you to have taken note of Zoli and Zoho, Thomas 🙂 Do try out the various Zoho apps and your valuable feedback will sure be appreciated.

    It was so nice of Craig inviting us for the SDN Day & SAP TechEd, Bangalore. And yes, we are reading the SAP-Zoho series too. Craig was having network problems then and we couldn’t get to see what he had implemented (though he had the whole thing sketched/explained to us).

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