SAP succession….and gravy

I tend to avoid publishing SAP press releases (unless I’m complaining about them) on my blog, especially as you can now get them with an RSS feed from 

The SAP succession thingy has been debated over on the Enterprise Irregulars Google group.  I kept silent, not because I had some deep inside knowledge of the decision, but because I’m really rubbish at speculation.   Also I’d probably be breaching a million laws and employment contract stuff. 

Vinnie and Dan had their theories on the SAP succession, but the news out is that Kagermann’s CEO contract has been extended til 2009.  

Folks seem to forget that SAP has managed several CEO changes in the past. First from Dietmar Hopp to Hasso Plattner, and then to Henning Kagermann, and for significant periods  SAP successfully ran with a joint CEOs.  SAP succession is quite boring really. Now Oracle’s succession, that could be a movie, or a modern intepretation of a Shakespearean  play. 


 Vinne doesn’t like our gravy.  Today we didn’t have any gravy, but yesterday…


And lovely it was too, though not quite up to the Google menu. 

While we are on press releases, the one from yesterday was rather nice too. especially when combined with Dennis’ Valentine.


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