Niel is Netweavered

Great to see that Niel’s company, Newmerix has received the Powered by SAP NetWeaver certification for its Automate!Change product.

Since Automate!Change has been successfully deployed in the field for many years now, we were confident in the product’s capabilities and the internal process to achieve the certification” said Niel Robertson, Chief Technology Officer, Newmerix. “That said, SAP’s certification was a rigorous process, but the interaction with the SAP team generated new ideas for future product

Read the whole press release here. 

Newmerix focuses on reducing the cost of running and maintaining enterprise applications. They have an impressive customer list. I mailed Niel for a little more detail.

Our SAP strategy is shaping up in two paths. For those that want to use Solution Manager but need to enhance SAP capabilities with process centric transports, auditing, compliance management, separation of duties controls, web interfaces to approvals, impact analysis, advance reporting, etc.. we fit into SolMan nicely. For those that have more than SAP and want to only use SolMan to get patches and interface with SAP support they can use our Control product which integrates down into our A!CS product (the one that is certified) and run everything from one cross-ISV web interface. It’s a pretty slick setup.

They will be at the the GRC event in Las Vegas.

There is a lot of work going on at SAP and in the partner community (esp with HP I believe)  to lower the cost of running, maintaining and upgrading systems. 

Niel and Cote should chat. Niel has been busy it seems, but it is time he started blogging again.

I’d be keen to hear more about how we stack up against Oracle etc in this space.

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5 thoughts on “Niel is Netweavered”

  1. Thomas,

    Came across this article recently and its good to see SAP change control begin to get an airing. Its a subject that has been talked about for some some time. You might like to look up reports from Gartner and AMR by Derek Prior – post SAP go live support expert.

    Of course, SOX, Basel II, SAS 70 and FDA CFR Part 11 compliance regulations and the advent of the mySAP business suite and additional modules combiined with the regular upgrade cycles to each has resulted in the need for chnage teams to seriously consider an automated tool. No doubt the rationale behind SAP Active Global Support’s support for CHaRM in Solution Manager.

    Automated SAP change control tools are not a particularly new technology however.

    For example, Rev-Trac from Revelation Software Concepts has been available since 1998 and SAP certified since 2004. Its most recent being Netweaver Application Server 7 – the most recent available.

    Realtech, Symsoft and BasisTechnoilogies have had Transport Management and migration tools available for sometime aswell. However, none of their tools have been SAP certified.

    Perhaps a chat sometime as I am sure you will find the RSC product strategy of some interest.


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  3. I found your article on google and read a few of your other posts. I just got many idea from your site. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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