Well done Salesforce.com

On this blog I have been known to cast doubt upon APEX and Appexchange and on the omnipotence of the pure SaaS priesthood  I’ve not moved from that position.

But I’m really impressed with SFDC’s stance on energy emissions and philantropic efforts.

(Salesforce) announced Earthforce – an initiative to create a carbon neutral salesforce.com in 2007. In taking important key steps in becoming a carbon neutral corporation, the Salesforce.com Foundation will work to neutralize the effect of salesforce.com’s corporate greenhouse gas emissions from its major areas of carbon consumption – its office locations, corporate travel and data centers. This will be done through the strategic purchase of carbon offsets with the help of Clean Air-Cool Planet, NativeEnergy and Conservation International. In taking this first, important step in becoming a carbon-neutral company, salesforce.com and the Salesforce.com Foundation recognize that energy conservation and sustainability are vital parts of doing business in the 21st century.


Salesforce’s philanthropic efforts go right back to its early days, so I can’t dismiss the  power-of-us announcement as opportunistic.

The San Francisco-based Salesforce.com Foundation said the program would help partners learn how to implement an integrated philanthropy model – similar to its 1/1/1/1 model – to help serve the nonprofit sector and facilitate the donation of their services through existing nonprofit customers. The 1/1/1/1 model stands for 1 percent of product, 1 percent of an employee’s time, 1 percent of equity and being one with the earth, all of which combine to make an effective impact on the global community.


They have managed to effectively communicate their CSR position to the market. 

More respect.



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One thought on “Well done Salesforce.com”

  1. What I have learned is that volcanoes produce more air pollution than everything on the planet so far combined. It is not only man that causes harm, nature does too. I know I am most effected by diesel fumes and cigarette smoke. Thank you for letting me share.


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