The longest tail, ever.

I have discussed the origin of the long tail before.

As he is the future opening batsman, first strike bowler and cover point fielder for the German cricket team,  it is a matter of national security that Oliver, my 23 month old son, gets to watch the cricket World Cup.

There is more chance of Inzamam-ul-Haq running a cheeky second than there is of German telly covering the cricket, so I’m looking for a way to hear some audio coverage, via the Internet.  Cricket coverage on the web is now choked full of broadcast rights and IP address checking. Dastardly DRM. Unlike the 2005 Ashes, Test Match Special on the BBC is now only for UK residents.

Please note: International listeners will not be able to hear TMS when broadcasting from outside the UK – rights restrictions prevent us from streaming England’s Test tours to an international audience.

I would pay money to listen to Aggers and Henry Blofeld. 

I understand that there is a bar or two in Mannheim and Heidelberg that will show games, but I can’t nurdle  off to  a bar for six weeks.

One option would be to buy a  dish and get it through ARY, but that doesn’t give me radio coverage via the PC.  Googling takes me to all sorts of dodgy looking watch satellite for free on your PC stuff….So for all you other cricket fans in Germany, what are you doing? Don’t all shout at once.

In the absence of anything live, I bring you my favourite cricketing moment, ever. Jonty Rhodes of Pietermaritzburg v Inzamam-ul-Haq 1992.

and of course, on youtube.

 Here’s to a South African world cup victory, but more importantly, a great tournament.

Update: Nigel kindly forwarded me the link to

Update 2: foiled by DRM.

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14 thoughts on “The longest tail, ever.”

  1. i really enjoyed the match yesterday. it was great to see the windies get off to a good start and their boundary fielding was stunning on a very small pitch. they thus restricted inzamam’s 4s, which one them the game. taking wickets was actually secondary- the pakistani runrate requirement got too much too soon. the last 8 overs or so of the windies innings (batted first) was a riot of fours against pakastani pace. likesay great stuff.

    it is wildly absurd you can’t watch it though.

  2. You wrote:
    “There is more chance of Inzamam-ul-Haq running a cheeky second than there is of German telly covering the cricket…”

    Thomas, that’s because Germans believe in real sport. 😉

    Enjoy the World Cup !

  3. Same is true in the US – except they don’t understand the rules of this incredibly skilful game. Gives them a good excuse.

    Sky box + dish+ recording device + £38/month gives access to all sorts of sports – including nancy boys rounders (ooops – baseball.)

  4. Thomas,

    If you are not able to catch it live, you can always check this site ( for the highlights!

    Where I live (India), we are bombarded non-stop with cricket commercials and inane pre, post, lunch time programming. Its hard to concentrate on anything amid all this din!

  5. Hi Thomas,

    We’ve been grappling with the same problem and have resorted to Sopcast (windows only, I think).

    Anyway, download that and look for the cricket channels, which seem to change depending on the game. India v Sri Lanka on Friday was crystal clear, as was Aus v S Africa Saturday, though some of the other games can be buffery.

    Not good for 451 productivity though!


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