First proper ride of the year, and 2007 cycling goals

Cycling wise I have been v slack this year so far, but Sunday was my first proper ride. I did about 70 kms, with a couple of hills in the Odenwald  and not suprisingly I was a bit tired afterwards.  At least I’m back on the carbon steedSig and I are planning a spring jaunt in his neck of the woods,  so the next couple of weeks may involve riding to work to get some base miles in, as this is Sig’s local hill, the Col de la Madone.

Sig also sent me this fabulous cycling blog, by Will Davies

Late in 2004, it was cold outside, I had put on weight and was feeling unmotivated. So I decided to give myself a challenge for 2005. Now in 2007, I am on my third annual cycling challenge. In 2005, my challenge was to cycle 10,000 kilometres. On Christmas day I reached my goal and promptly took 3 months off. In 2006, my challenge was at least 30 cycling climbs with +1,000 metres in vertical ascent. In the end I cycled far less than in 2005 but had achieved the goal by August. The highlight of the year was a trip to the South French Alps with 8 big climbs in 8 days. In 2007, my goal is to cycle 120,000 metres (about 400,000 feet) of vertical climb. This is about 45 feet an hour every hour of the day.

Brill Will!!!!! Do you have a day job? Great pics of all the alpine climbs, really cool graphics,photos and google map integration. 

On  Sunday July 1st  I’ll be on the start line with several UK based mates for the same route used by Stage 1 of the 2007 Tour de France across East London and Kent finishing in Canterbury. (117 miles Yes, the Tour starts in London this year )

For the blogger charity ride we were thinking some options with varying levels of extremeness, this would enable a bigger group to join. Options include  Ardechoise, La Madeleine, and La Marmotte.

La Marmotte does look pretty evil. (those are meters, not feet) (The cylcosportiv is on Sunday  7th July. This has the advantage of broom wagons, foodstops and closed to cars roads) 

Janet, a wickedly good cycling colleague from SAP described it thus:

While you are contemplating the Marmotte route (and I quote “giving birth was easier”), you might want to consider the old Louison Bobet route – this starts in Valloire goes over the Galibier (though it doesn’t count if you haven’t done the Telegraphe first), down the Lauteret to Briancon, over a little pass to Guillestre  then back up the Izouard , down to Briancon, up the Lauteret and the Galibier and down to Valloire. The Izouard is fantastic – you start in the Med (or so it feels, as all the herbs smell fantastic) and climb up through these wierd rock formations (the caisse deserte of cycling legend) and then back into the Alps proper

(chart from

Another alternative would involve Sig and I, a map and a bottle of Rose. Sig is full of cunning plans.

We will be setting up a wiki again to track the charity stuff and the logistics, but in the meantime if you are interested in joining us, simply comment here. Last year’s effort is documented  here.


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3 thoughts on “First proper ride of the year, and 2007 cycling goals”

  1. Thomas… I didnt realize you cycle!!! Cool. I love circling my island on my trek but I am no where near the caliber or enthusiast that you are… i’m jealous!


  2. Thomas,
    I like those more general goals as opposed to training for just one event. It keeps you going the entire year. All this discussion wakes within me yet again the desire to consider a respectable (but maybe affordable?) road bike. I like the idea of a sprint triathalon (to mix it all up).

    Speaking of mixing it up – nice way to keep variety in your blog

  3. Thomas,

    Your ambitions are past my, now fading, cycling ability. To say I’m not good on the climbs in probably an understatement but I enjoy them, especially if the weather is good. (My last climb of Ventoux was on a touring bike with camping kit in the full front & rear panniers – about 3 hours!)

    Unfortunately since the arrival of the little one all my cycling has with a child seat – I didn’t even get on the Bianchi all last year 😦

    But, do keep us updated on your progress & if you ever plan a flatter ride I might be tempted.

    I think the Bianchi will get a service this week.


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