Fitting in (how do you keep fit meme?)

Donald has tagged me

He asks how do you keep fit?  Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a interest in cycling. I ride a fancy bicycle (or two), albeit slower than I’d like to, and I have a slightly perverse desire to ride up mountains in  the alps etc.  I manage to combine a fanatical summer burst of fitness and an interest  geeky technology. Perhaps this is an onset of an early midlife crisis?

Now that it isn’t dark first thing, I’ll resume riding to and from work. It gets the base miles in and is a great way to unwind of an evening. At times I can get a bit obsessed, as my  good lady describes.  I also do a cycling specific exercise programme called cyclo-zen.  check it out.

I have bought the fancy plug in for the  Nano to enable me to run to music and podcasts, but until redmonk radio branches out in exercisecasts, I’ll probably find a long list of excuses not to.

One of my cycling mates  is Sig, with whom I’d be riding in provence in a couple of weeks’ time. We are planning a charity ride for some time in the summer, and we’d like as many folks to join us as possible. A Wiki will emerge soon after Easter with all the details.  So, who do I tag?

I know Dennis of Accmanpro fame doesn’t cycle, but I have done some research via some secret contacts I have in the accounting profession, and  uncovered some early footage of Dennis in action.  I look forward to seeing him repeat this feat at Sapphire in Vienna.

So I’ll tag Nigel, Charlie, Dan, and  Jason 

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4 thoughts on “Fitting in (how do you keep fit meme?)”

  1. Wandered onto yout site c/o Dennis – not only am I “big 4”, but I do cycle (can’t bring myself to say that… I “bike”), I set up a team at work to raise money for charity in… a charity ride in June. 🙂

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