Vinnie joins!

Vinnie was in Walldorf this week. We had a quick coffee, but he seemed really preoccupied.  Now I know why. Vinnie will head up the newly formed  Pricing Innovation Office here.  He will also lead a team focused on training account executives to dramatically reduce discount offers to CIO’s, the initiative is known internally as Project Florence.  I’m told he will report to Marty Homlish and Michael Witz.

A board assistant, Simon Lächerlich mailed me a draft of the press release that will go out shortly.  My team will work closely with his group, as I’m working with our top accounts in Europe. 

Welcome to on board, Vinnie. It will be great to have you on this side of the negotiating table. See you at Sapphire.

(UPDATE: 2nd April: This was an April fool. Thanks Vinnie for taking it in the right spirit!)

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5 thoughts on “Vinnie joins!”

  1. Is it just me or does it seem that Vinnie didn’t see through your post as an April Fool joke? “Witz” and “Laecherlich” were givaways, but that obviously depends on one’s level of German.

    Nice one – I was actually contemplating a post about a rumour of a Larry vs. Hasso yachting race, but then preferred some work in the garden instead. It was a lovely day in the Midlands.

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