Walking the walk

Mike Prosceno, a VP in PR at SAP, has started a blog. This is goodness.

Mike spends a good part of his day managing the SAP blogger relations programme. Over the last year I have got to know Mike well, and he gets the change that blogging and other forms of social media brings to PR. 

So, what needs to happen to get more companies – big and small – engaged? Does PR have a role in the social/new media world? I think so! It may not look like traditional PR but its role is as important. Is the topic bigger than just PR? It sure is: Blogger Relations anyone? Should social media concepts and tools be present across your entire communications strategy? It should if you want to succeed. Which is more important: internal or external communications? Well, that depends on how you want to get started, but both are equally important

The blogsphere is full of folks who knock PR, but there is more to PR at SAP than a press release.  Mike didn’t rush into this. He has done his research, and come out with a strong blog from the start:

I’ve spent the last year immersed in the topic of social media; from watching from the outside as a “lurker” to active participation on the inside.  What I want to have here is an ongoing conversation about the Who, What, When, Where and Why of what it all means from a practical perspective.  So much gets written about why you should care about social media, too few are actually talking about how to do it in the real world.  I’m hoping that this blog helps move other lurkers into active participants or better yet, help those sitting on the fence to get engaged.

I’ll be following Mike’s blog with interest. It is great to welcome another SAP blogger to the party.



2 thoughts on “Walking the walk”

  1. Thomas,
    I enjoyed your blog. The following is a post from my blog brittonmedia.wordpress.com it relates to your blog topic. I’m not in PR, but I do consult PR firms and corporations, and produce podcasts for corporate america.

    PR’s Amazing Opportunity
    February 20th, 2007 by brittonnewmedia

    I haven’t heard much discussion in the blogosphere about PR’s amazing Social Media opportunity. I’m not sure why. Maybe the smokey vail of traditional marketing that clouds our view of the future, has not cleared enough, to allow us an unobstructed view of what lies ahead.

    Me look, but me can’t see, Kemo sabe.
    Tonto, 1956

    Social Media will change many things in the professional lives of all kinds of marketers, but none more than advertising agencies and PR firms. I believe that Pr firms have a chance to be THE major player, during the Social Media shift in the marketing world, and usurp advertising agencies position as king of the mountain.

    Thanks to the revolutionary change that Social Media will bring to marketing, PR firms have the chance to be the lead dog, or marketing’s 800 pound gorilla…you choose the animal and I’ll give you a metaphor…or, for you younger readers…as Paris Hilton says “That’s Hot!” The things you have to do when you try to appeal to a broad demographic.

    In spite of the integral role PR firms play in a corporations overall marketing effort, they have always been considered a poor stepchild to the venerated advertising agency. All that is about to change. Not over night, but just as Record Companies are feeling the effect of their outdated business model in an Internet charged world, advertising agencies are so wound up in their world of traditional advertising they’ll never embrace Social Media in time, if at all. Advertising agencies make their money through traditional media, and a change for them, to Social Media, would upset their applecart in a big way.

    However the opposite is true for PR firms. Social Media fits perfectly with the way PR companies do business. Social Media extends their tools set, but more importantly it creates a leadership role for PR in the biggest marketing shift since the beginning of marketing! Social Media doesn’t alter or displace PR’s business model as it does an advertising agencies, and it easily integrates into their traditional methods for getting information out, and creating positive buzz about a company and its products.

    Its just that Social media offers a far more effective strategy and practical method for achieving a companies PR goals, than traditional methods. It transcends traditional media, because it embodies the true representation of representative democracy. Everyone has a voice, everyone listens, everyone goes home a winner! Communication with Integrity!

    An observation I’ve made in my consulting and podcast production work for PR firms and corportate PR departments, is that they are getting it (Social Media) in general, and it’s mostly a question of educating the companies they work with, on what Social Media is, and how it will help them.

    Social Media creates an amazing opportunity for the informed and prepared PR firm! First its PR as the new market leader, then it’s on to world dominance!!

    Sorry, I got carried away. The huge possibility of a shift like I suggest is exciting though, and something for PR firms to consider.

    So what do you think? Will Ad agencies have the trouble in the future that I suggest? Does Pr have the opportunity that I mention? Will the Lone Ranger and Tonto ride again? Will water turn to wine…man, I hope so, I could use a drink. Time will tell, but I’ve given you my two cents, which because of inflation is now actually sixty three cents.

    I didn’t realize that weighing in on something was so darn expensive, I better start saving my pennies for next weeks edition. Have a good one in the mean time. I’m not sure what we will talk about next week, so anything is possible. I’ve got to hurry and finish this, I need to get back to the TV, so I can catch the next up date on Brittney’s bald head, and the ongoing Anna Nichole Smith saga. People want to know…don’t they?

    We have found the enemy, and he is us!

    Power to the People…Social Media!

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