Thingamy and a holiday.

My family and I  have just got back from a holiday in the South of France.   (My good lady reports on it here).  We spent the first  part of the break staying with Sig, Tittin and the three politest teenagers on the planet. Thank you all.   Sig and I managed a couple of rides in the hills  in the hinterland, not as many as we would have liked to,  but the season is but a puppy.

The second part of the holiday was spent in a sort of hut on the beach. I avoided the blogsphere,  so I’m not going to jump into whatever has happened last week in the enterprise echo chamber just yet.  My reading was strictly of the paper based variety. (More on that in a later post I think)

I met Sig via his blog,  in fact it was  probably from  Hugh’s  “is Thingamy a SAP killer” post, via  Hamish’s Cardboard spaceship   Small world. We have become good friends through cycling and a common interest in simpler software.

Thingamy is well worth having a look at.  Sig has worked harder than anyone I know to focus in on simplicity.  He is the  zen master of simplicity. 

 The application can run from a USB stick.  I’m not a developer, but there is something aesthetically pleasing about small and simple.  Have a listen to a recent interview with Sig here.   If I was at SAP ventures I’d take out the cheque book.  Sig is onto something. 

(This week will be busy. Next weekend  I’m off to Sapphire in Atlanta. Not to speak on ERP, or apply my charms to customers, but to blog.  I’m really looking forward to meeting the EI folks in the flesh. Thanks Mike. )

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4 thoughts on “Thingamy and a holiday.”

  1. Hi Thomas

    Glad to see you and Sig on a ride. I have to get back on the bike, but in contrast to by broke ass frame of mind of last year, I’m actually feeling like doing it.

    I also have to finally get into Thingamy in the way it deserves, and not just shallow end menu surfing, but that takes time. (Sig would say not, but I always think that conceptual thinking is the hardest part of anything, but then I am lazy…)

  2. Thomas, we must get Hamish up on the bike, suggest we meet half way in some nice hill close to Geneva next!

    And Hamish, I do agree wholeheartedly – conceptual is hardest, always, and thingamy might even be harder than most as I do not think I left one rule unbroken…
    But there is hope, searching for the path to making the conceptual exploration fun, or at least interesting!

    Am definitely lazy myself, good source of invention that I’ve heard 🙂

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