fish and wine

James  recently posted about wine and fish.   Thoughtful stuff indeed, and made for a good lunchtime discussion at St Johns with the self same.  We had the sole, lovely it was too.  Great restaurant, even if the wine was a bit warm.

 Arguably the pitch SAP traditionally made was not that it would sell you a suite of apps, but rather than it would bring all your corporate data into one place so that you can make business decisions based on facts rather than suppositions. SAP’s story today still talks clearly to this corporate data standardisation.

He goes on

In this industry we tend to focus on the need to separate data from presentation, but of course we also try and enforce a separation beween data and business logic. Why? Because business logic quickly begins to smell.

I like the applications are fish and data is wine metaphor, but as with all good metaphors it could be strung out and mixed up to death. Herewith my “takeaways.”

  • At last I see a purpose for the Netweaver fridge.  Good wine and data go off if  stored incorrectly.
  • Here at SAP we do an excellent line in salted cod(e).  A well implemented ERP system doesn’t date as quickly as some may think it does.
  •  And we can serve that with  the latest and trendiest of accompliments, mash.

 Update: I see that James has just posted about my ice in wine  incident. 


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