Jurrassic park, Denmark, internationalisation, conversation and change.

Here at Sapphire I’ll be doing some podcasts. Yesterday I nipped up to the Apple Store in Lenox and bought a microphone for my nano. (more about the Apple Store experience later – it rocks)

As an experiment I took it with me to the bloggers dinner last night. I won’t post the Mark Crofton “what I did while at university”  interview provided he sends me that college fund contribution cheque regularly.

At the dinner last night we had a number of SAP execs drop by, Dennis Moore, Amit Chaterjee, Dennis Brown, and Jim Hagemann Snabe. Jim kindly let me record the session.( here.)

 but here is Jim talking about his early days at SAP, Brian Sommer and Jim then chat further about  hypergrowth. Jason Busch and I add in the occasional comment too.

Brian Sommer is a former Andersen consulting practice leader, and is attending Sapphire as a blogger. Jim is a Corporate Officer at SAP, and leads development of the SAP Business Suite and industry solutions.

The nano+micromemo did its job, even surviving an attack halfway through the recording.  I’ve posted the mp3 here. in the raw form, there is a fair bit of noise and it end oddly. I’ll have a feed-podcast lesson from Cote and Craig, the kings of podcasting.

Interesting bits for me:

1. The role of Denmark in R/3’s internationalisation.

2. Fundamental Architecture change trumped functionality.

3. We are in a the middle of a shift again, but it isnt the same as the R/2- R/3 shift.

4. Stepwise vs Big Bang

5. Fashion and appliances





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