Live blogging Hasso Plattner

I figured I’d post my notes from Hasso’s talk straight away. I hope you can follow them. I’ll craft them into something resembling a proper post once it has all sunk in. You should be able to watch the presentation on the Sapphire site.

Bill kicked it off. Sort and sweet…he is a pro. Good to see Bill citing customer stories Rohm and Haas, Nvidia , Under armor. (Underarmor in particular is interesting growing at 100%, a recent IPO, and as a cyclist I can vouch for their excellent products…) Thanks ASUG..

Now Hasso is on! lots of clapping.

Cool slides. He has brought the Stanford Design School class with him. He is giving the lecture he planned to give to the students.  Mix of SAP and University thinking. Innovation and speed for joint success…

Apple gets some praise, but mentions that SAP helps run it in the background. Google as one of the largest hardware and systems owners. Online community also gets a huge punt!

What customers want.






Seriously the slides are great. The one voice police must have been off-duty. 

Says that he plans to talk about his vision for the future of enterprise. He calls this the “new idea.”

Cloud computing, model based abstraction. Models not as documentation, but the basis for engineers and the foundation of discussion….

1992 reminiscing. explains the R/3 architecture accident. (sense I need to  blog more on this soon) 

Relativity of complexity.  Developers tend to build for the most complex scenario. this needs to change.

User centered design. Hasso’s focus at last year’s keynote. See his lecture here for more on that.

Harmonized UI. Sorry more on that another day, I need to figure this out. Event driven thinking.

(just one of these would have made a great talk!)

Search. Search is the starting point. You start with a search.  Hasso praises Google for the youtube purchase.  The importance of video and community. Chuck Berry, Back at School example.  Reality is virtual. Riffing on the power of community and services. Gosh, He is really buzzing on conversation and collaboration.  THERE WON’T BE A PRODUCT WITHOUT A COMMUNITY. 

On-demand. play and configure before pay. From this you can sense that SAP is taking on demand seriously. (interesting he hasnt said SaaS, but almost: he has used cloud, service and on demand in one sentence, so  SaaS without saying so. SwSo. I have a new acronym for the the SaaS priests!

SOA by design. Services, services, services. connections. 

Composites. The new enterprise mashups.

Model based. model everything we can. UI, process etc….Active models.

Deployment.  He is big on the cloud, but different deployment modes depending on the customers. Hints a partnership with a cloud player perhaps?

In memory BI. Kimberley Clark, analytics , 80% less than 1 second, 98% of all queries are less than 10 seconds. Factor 10+. “future systems need to exploit in memory systems as an integral part of the system. ( I need to chat to Intel on this and get some more background. Craig was podcasting with them earlier today.)

Awesome accounting example of moving four years of accounts into memory (Dietmar Hopp’s brewery data). I wish Sig was here.  SQL in memory. Codd is back. Quantum leap for analytics on the fly.

More praise for Google. perpetual beta. So many concepts here. I feel like I can’t take it all in.

Talk has just finished, still figuring it all out.


1. Thinly veiled articulation of SAP’s strategy.

2. We get the cloud and model based solutions, in memory stuff looks like it is a major disruption.

3. User centric design crucial to SAP success.

4. Community is vital. He gets it. SDN mentioned a lot.

5. Obvious passion for Technology, education and SAP….




1. A litte too much computer science.

2. Too many concepts in one presentation – a firehose!

3. Too long.


my biggest takeaway



my wish and request.

Hasso takes each of the key topics, and does a video  podcast on them, perhaps say in 10-12 units. – not only for folks who are interested in SAP’s strategy, but they would make great teaching materials for anyone learning about business information systems at university. I felt a little like a got a whole semester of lecture in one glup. I’d like to unpick the parts and chew on them a bit.  I’m especially interested in learning more about the cloud thinking and the in-memory stuff.

More to follow tomorrow. Off to the executive dinner thingy now, armed with the podcaster…




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7 thoughts on “Live blogging Hasso Plattner”

  1. Thomas, thanks for doing this. It is helpful for us time-starved to get the vibe of what’s going on and see the direction – albeit at a high level.

    Keep it up,

  2. Thomas,
    Nice summary. Hasso was at his best when he was talking about actual customers partnering with SAP (Kimberly Clark) to drive Business Innovation leveraging SAP technology. Very cool.

    As an ex-eBay guy “THERE WON”T BE A PRODUCT WITHOUT A COMMUNITY” is music to my ears. This is not a trivial undertaking. It was hard enough to do with a comapany that was built by community let alone a comapny that was not.

    I can’t wait to help!

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