Live blogging Leo’s keynote

Sitting with  Phillip Booth and Claas Kuehnemann and Rob Enslin is two seats down. The South African Mafia is alive and well here at SAP.

Rod Asug Chairman on stage.  2007 ASUG impact award. 3 companies.

1. Large enterprise: Monsanto

2. Public Sector: Orange county public schools.

3. SME:Powell Electronics.

Bill now on stage.  Video. Motivational stuff! Love the customer, cluetraininess indeed.Metrics: “show us the money”… Monsanto single source of truth. 60% process improvement.  Mark on stage. Place is rocking. Standing ovation from his team. Orange county public school.  reduced  Payroll times by 70%  Nick on stage. Powell electronics.  Bob on stage (controller and IT director – cool!)

Americans get this award stuff. We Europeans could learn from this. Crowd loves it!!!

Okay now Leo is on the stage. He is the best dressed board member. cool tie. Again thanking ASUG. 15610 people attending. Expresses admiration for the winners. offers thanks to volunteers, Bilml  and the ASUG partnership. Users   centre stage. (Kathy Sierra would be proud.)


Reflection back on 5 year journey. IT embedded in the business!

ERP uptake rocks. 2574 by march 07.

Netweaver platform adoption more than doubled.

Customer Challenges; agility, growth innovation differentiation… Efficiency, compliance. TCO and reliability.

More Enterprise SOA.  BPP and Best Practices. Suite pitch.

BPP dummies tour.

1. building better business applications.

2. business suite is the heart. guaranteed smoothness ….business process machine

3. composites on top.

4. Extensions. SAP cant do everything.

5. integration integration integration. (Oracle dig…)

6. Search BIA etc….plug and play. appliance thinking?

7. Microsoft and Duet push, deepening of Duet relationship

Jeff Raikes from MSFT on stage. SAP-Microsoft love fest history story. Leo hands over to Jeff. Jeff has the same accent as Bill Gates. If I close my eyes it could be Bill.

Deepening partnership. customers want more stuff. long term roadmap. 1.5, 2.0, 3.0. mentions sharepoint. Increasing partner and support investment, R&D. HP appliance mentioned.  (still need to figure out the sharepoint bit) lots of new scenarios, including GRC…. then 3.0 next gen office based….. lots of structured and unstructured talk. Office 2007 push. Ha more on sharepoint. extensibility: build environment for dev tools SDK etc. 

Jeff finishes.

COOL customer slide. lots of great names.

Home Depot example. Rock of retail store etc…composite application.. mobile tracking etc.

Technology for the sake of business. lots of mention of best practices.

Mass Customization on an Industrial Scale. scary phrase…  Everyone does order to cash!  Adopt. Adapt. invent. What makes one org different? the majority of your processes are the same, but how you implement them is what differentiates  you.

Pushes the new business user concept. This is goodness. Everything under Doug Merritt.SAP is a Swiss bank sometimes. Getting stuff out is tough, Doug will drive this.

Composites. Osram mentioned. cockpit story for order to cash etc.

Enterprise SOA delivers you the flex to deliver on top.

It is you. there are somethings you shouldn’t delegate. Also mentions Valero. fast efficient M&A firm. shortened 6 month cycle integration cycle to 2-8 weeks.  Built own tools on top of SAP BPP platform.

Services portfolio expanding. tools and services. Services co-innovation.  Cisco telepresence. imbed this into our service support models. Flat world. First time I have seen such a clear presentation on SAP services and partner portfolio.

Role of the CIO. CIO in the business. recycling metaphor. revolutionize and renovate.

Industry value networks. Cool more community push. co-innovation. eases collaboration, standardisation.

Banking IVN. 100 odd members includes Swift, convinced that it will shape our banking solution and standard. Collective Wisdom. Big collaboration co-innovation push.

We are executing on the 2003 strategy. Another Oracle dig about maintenance streams.

Ended kind of suddenly.


1. ASUG’s key role.

2. Co-innovation central theme. loud and clear.

3. neat customer examples.

4. Polished presenter.

5. Execution focus. Realities not future vision.



1. After three keynotes, still just glimmers of A1S. I guess we will just have to wait…


I planned to do Henning’s live, but afterwards I got talking with a customer….I’ll write that up in a more coherent fashion later.


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2 thoughts on “Live blogging Leo’s keynote”

  1. GREAT summary… well done! And I love the Kathy Sierra allusion. I’m really believing now that SAP is serious about listening to the customer. That’s a pretty dramatic transformation.

  2. I’m looking for reviews on the Monster Dash ipod touch app. Does anyone here have any experience with this app? If you do can you kindly tell me whether this app is worth installing? Thanks for the guidance!

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