Meeting Dennis – bloggers at Sapphire Atlanta

Over the last year or so I’ve got to know Dennis via blogging, email and the phone. It was good to meet him at last. We disagree quite often, but we agree often.  Life would be boring if everyone was as ERPy as I am.

(photos: courtesy Dan Farber)

Dennis played a key role beforehand and at Sapphire in helping coordinate the enterprise irregular blogger requests. From the SAP side Mike and Stacey did a fabulous job in arranging the executive access and giving the bloggers free reign. Bloggers (Brian,Jason,and Dennis) talking with Zia Yusuf and Hasso Plattner.

I wanted to avoid posting too much “it is great to blogging and have bloggers at Sapphire post”, but seeing Scoble link to Oracle’s blogging status made me smirk.

So, why doesn’t Oracle get any respect? I can’t remember when they did what JD did — link out to people and join the conversation. I can’t remember getting an invite to any Oracle blogging event…

Oracle has a lot of excellent employee blogs (respect – several of them are on my feed!), but I’d  not heard that the management provide the sort of access, freedom and support that SAP has done.  Instead of plastering the Atlanta underground with Oracle posters, that money would be better spent in developing a blogger relations programme.

Dennis is sometimes critical of SAP, but I’d rather have criticism from someone who has clear insight into what we do than one who doesn’t. I’m convinced the more access we provide, the less there will be to criticise (I’m baised), but most importantly, the more valid and valuable the informed criticism becomes. (I’m going all cluetrainy again)

Hugh will be pleased to know that The Blue Monster also made an appearance. The blue monster series is goodness. I wish Hugh was doing this here, not at Microsoft.


I also met Cote, Jason, Jerry, Robin, Jason, Brian, Dan, Dan, Ed and Niel for the first time. 

I look forward to seeing Dennis in Vienna, and there will be a number of other bloggers from the Enterprise Irregulars and elsewhere there. I’m yet to meet Charlie, David, and Vinnie in person.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Dennis – bloggers at Sapphire Atlanta”

  1. Kind words Thomas and much appreciated. I hope you get that critical though I may be, I try to be fair. Mind you – Henning and Hasso are 2 of my all time CXO type faves so I too am biased – but not starry eyed. -:)

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