Starship enterprisey radio.

Dear readers,

If you think my posts ramble, you may wish to avoid hearing my attempts at podcasting. With the patient help of Craig Cmehil, the Vendorprisey podcast channel is now up and working. You can get the feed here. I’ve posted a few of the bits and pieces from Sapphire in Atlanta, and I’ll be doing some more in Vienna.  Some stuff is all cross posted on SDN-BPX. There is a backlog of Atlanta stuff to post but in the meantime I’d suggest that my blogger compadres have a listen to Ed’s fine stirring words.

But, now for the main act.

Announcing the launch of the biggest thing since someone took the my off the front of mySAP, reporting live from where the asparagus grow tall, and birkenstocks are a plenty, aka the centre of the universe,  we bring you Starship Enterprisey Radio 

Craig of SDN fame and I have teamed up to bring you the finest of investigative reporting from bureaudisney. We expect this to a weekly thing, except at Sapphire, where it will be a lot more often. We will scour the every corner of every building to bring you stuff.  In this episode Craig tries to explain scripting languages to me and fails, we touch on Java One and Sapphire too.

More to come. A forthcoming episode may involve a tustle with the Wall Street Journal about globalization.  if you fancy being a guest on the show, either at Sapphire or back in the starship, then drop Craig or me a note or even twitter us.  

In 1923, AT&T’s broadcasting manager, William Harkness, described the announcer at a broadcasting
station as “its principal point of contact with the public.” He added, “The public know his voice and
try to picture him to fit it. If he is not married or not well-balanced he is apt to become light-headed
from the mash notes sent to the station by ladies of the audience or by the humorous notes sent in by
men whose wives have fallen in love with the announcer’s voice and have neglected their
household duties to listen to the radio.

Luckily: Craig and I are both married, but we are not so sure about the well-balanced bit.






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