Live blogging Kagermann’s Vienna Sapphire

As I didn’t live blog Henning in Atlanta, I thought I would try it here. It will  hopefully be easier as I think there will be significant overlap. You may like to read my notes on the Atlanta speech here.   Sitting with Sig, David, and Charlie. Music playing is distinctly late 80’s, and goodness I don’t even recognise the song. I think it is Go West but I could be wrong.

Ernie Gunst doing the intros.(He is the head of SAP in EMEA) Nice bold pink tie. White shirt, dark blue single breasted 3 button.  8000 people here. Bit of a history lesson on Vienna.  Business at the speed of change….Linking strategy and execution. SAP partner Axon gets a mention for Birmingham!! excellent that it isn’t all about the huge Sis.  Brum cut costs over 10 years by a billion pounds. Russian company (didn’t get the name) in electronic retail. XI links shop to the backoffice, growing at over 100%.

Gosh Bloggers got a welcome mention too.

Same blokes in suits run over buildings video clip. hmm. Didn’t really work second time around either. We need to break the blokes in suit metaphor, not reinforce it. Male dominated messaging irks me.

Kagermann on stage now. Nice round of applause. Also a pink tie!

Can there be a company without manufacturing, distribution….yes- Can there be a business without information. no.

I think the sildes are the same as Atlanta.  (dont get why there an “old” SAP GUI image in the slide) Business Model Innovation. Agility…open, extendable,cross industry. Chocolate vendor story. Partnering creates new channels. All about speed..



Compliance – model based

SOA adoption is growing. 7000 new productive systems on Netweaver in the last year.


225   April 06

2574 March 07

2000+ new productive systems on ERP 6.0

DSAG (German User Group) 54% of customers in upgrade by end of 2007

Fastest product adoption in SAP history

BPR history  SAP R/3 + BPR   operational efficiency.  drive to standardise.

What is next? Business Network Transformation. Business network-

Hmm what is with the  “old” screenprints.

Success comes from intelligence. 2 types of intelligence 1. the people  and 2. the electronic intelligence. systems, networking..

Silent transaction. How do you get there…


Ian Kimbell on stage.  Ian what is with the tie?  Humour is happening. A physics professor joke. Cool demo of silent manufacturing big push on business networks.  Counterfeit demo with Nokia phone.  Excellent stuff Ian, where is your blog?

Henning back…

Permits example from the Dutch transport. Simplification, standardisation, reuse.

Burda. process sharing.

Valero. “pluggable” business. move from 5 to 100 billion. loosely coupled acquistions. identify 50 key services. productised integration.

Web 2.0 concepts being embraced by the the Enterprise- self-sufficiency, enhancing work patterns, collective intelligence.

Ian Kimbell back on stage for a demo. procurement process demo. Eventing in Duet, new task manager tool prototype then fires up, neat 2.0 feel and processes. Integration of structured and unstructured processes.

Henning back. Talking about his product development days. (He ought to do more of it, his engineering background is a strong asset.  Pushing GRC now. positions this well with integration and link to web 2.0

Now on the CEO’s role Take Innovation to Scale. (see my earlier post on Procter and Gamble)

Hilti example. How the business model has changed, developed insight from the salesforce to introduce “tool fleet management”

HP video. Mark Hurd, CEO.(see my earlier post) I’ll be catching up with HP later with Klaus Bernzen.

Henning now on the COO


Cardinal Health. One company drive…working with Wipro.

Arla: Also tighter integration. shop floor integration

Telekom: master data harmonisation.

Burda. share processes

CFO: Integrity and innovation..

Cisco video. Network becomes the platform. John Chambers is a smart chap. How he differentiates Cisco is simply brilliant.

Kimbell again!  This time he is demoing outlooksoft.  I need to figure this out, but it seems to be yet another excel meets ERP tool. There is a briefing later. more to follow.


Dow Corning video. See my earlier notes.

Consolidation example BASF.  Process harmonisation.

Standard Bank.  enterprise SOA integration with legacy system.

Now the road map. (see my other notes) 

Now talking about A1S

1. simplicity in product and contract.

2. no mods

3. Hosted

3. sold over the web

Disruptive innovation via compositions, combine on premise and on demand-mentions and ADP, and appliances. (I need to do more on this appliance trend)

Finishes with community slides -.- best slide of the deck!

Admits that there were some failures in the past, nice humble story.

pretty much a repeat of Atlanta.


more coherence from me to come as the week goes on. I hope.



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