Blogging with a straight bat.

I attended the SME session yesterday, but I’m not really comfortable blogging about A1S (NDA’s and so on), I’ll leave that to my blogging compadres- David Terrar has a post here.   My thoughts from the SME presentation  will remain in the twilight zone of written but not posted posts that lurk in most bloggers’ blogs.   

One thing did find out that I’d like to mention is that Woodworm is a SAP customer . Wordworm makes cricket bats  accessories and clothing. They use Business One. There is a nice story here on the BBC site


A cricket bat is thing of beauty.  (photo from the woodworm site)

It is super to see innovation and tradition blending together. The CEO, Joe Sillett, shows a deep passion for cricket and his products and a clear understanding of what it takes to run a business and the role that technology plays.  The SAP video is great, check it here.  The growth of the company is impressive.


As my son, Oliver, (2) will open the batting for Germany as well as fielding at cover point, perhaps Woodworm would be interested in sponsoring him?


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