Credit to Mark Crofton for spotting this blog-newsletter, fiercesarbox.  Subscribed! It is a super source of compliance related news and fluff free commentary.  Some examples.

The new guidance from the SEC and PCAOB 

Enterprise Risk 

Sarbox costs continue to decline, audit fees remain high

Myth busted: Sarbox not driving away U.S. companies

Compliance readiness: a way of life?

More jargon: What is a SAS Type II Exam?

All good stuff,  but I’ll leave you with this gem

Sarbanes-Oxley is a convenient scapegoat in a lot of ways. If a company wants to go private, there’s no shame in citing the law. If a CFO wants to step down, he can always say Sarbox has made his job impossible. Exchanges can always blame Sarbox when another listee goes overseas. The list goes on and on. Perhaps you should use this wonderful scapegoat to your advantage. Tim Minahan, a supply chain expert who cut his teeth at Aberdeen, has released an e-book called the The 100 Greatest Supply Management Tips of All Time! Tip No. 11 is a great one: “Create a Crisis: Whenever possible, link your supply management initiative to a top corporate goal or challenge, such as complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or managing risk. This speeds alignment and can help secure executive and stakeholder support.” So there you have it. If you want something done, use Sarbox


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