an emergent lesson for HR systems thinking

If you are interested in HR systems you really ought to read systematicHR.  It is a great mix of HR technology stuff and more general HR pondering.  He posted the other day about networks and web 2.0 and the implications for HR.

It reminded me of a post that Leendert wrote linking to something I’d written about Harmony, the social media tool that is in internal pilot in SAP Palo Alto.  Don’t worry this post won’t be a thinly veiled attempt to sell Harmony. I do wish whoever was developing it would get a move on though and ship the damn thing.

A conference plug and an experimental presentation.

I’m giving the keynote at the IHRIM Global Conference. In Amsterdam. 21-22 June. (mention my name and you get a discount, honest)  Nice agenda, and no sales pitch, promise. 

 I’ve decided that I’m going to go off on a major tangent. Dennis Moore at SAP said something at Sapphire and I think I going to spend the best part of 45 minutes expanding on it. I’ll paraphrase:

HR systems today are all about capturing what the company wants to store about me. (grade, performance, salary and so on) HR systems in the future will capture what I want to tell the company about myself.

Andrew McAfee, Maggie Fox and Dennis Howlett are experimenting with Facebook, and I joined up too.  (Incidentally I bumped into an old school friend on Facebook who is doing design strategy work  in Cape Town. )

 It then made me think of James Governor’s comment about the divide between consumer and enterprise no longer being that relevant.  Facebook and many other of the social networking tools slot comfortably into the slates framework that Andrew McAfee uses to describe emergent solutions.  Facebook as a development platform is an intriguing concept

The reason though, why I’m writing this post  is not to rave about the latest cool 2.0 thing.  I heard of a colleague’s promotion via linkedin before it was communicated internally.  


This is so far away from a discussion I had recently about a skills catalogue. The customer wanted to have a three step workflow where the employee filled in what programming languages they knew and this would then route to the manager and then the training department for approval.

I was going to talk a lot about how complex global payroll is, but I think I’ll mainly talk about 2.0 stuff instead.  Perhaps I’ll even do a twitter demo.  I’ll talk about how wikis, blogs, tagging and social networking are radically changing human resource management.   Maybe even if the HR department are blissfully unaware of it happening.   


In other event news, I’d love to be at this session in Boston. McAfee and Davenport discussing 2.0  (good move Susan for organising this) As much as I respect Tom Davenport-I’ve even given over hard earned money to his publisher on more than one occasion, I think the 2.0 wave is already lapping at the leavy of entepriseydom. 


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