Bicycles, design, co-innovation and the future of software.

I’ve harped on about co-innovation and design before on this blog, but I’ll repeat my assertion that co-innovation and  design are vital for SAP’s long term success. 

 SAP recently announced the co-innovation lab, based in Palo Alto. Dan Farber was there (He seems to be everywhere)

It’s not exactly a keiretsu, but a compatible federation of companies that have a shared interest in building next-generation solutions, not just products, that integrate with SAP’s ERP and NetWeaver platform.

You can read the press release here.  Cisco, Netapp, HP, Intel, and  Questra have signed up I expect to see a lot more announcements from other software companies as this lab takes off.  This isn’t just window dressing, but a serious move to deeply embed co-innovation in the business. SAP needs to make it easier for other companies to build solutions with us, and this is a vital step in the right direction.

In my feed this morning I picked up on a gem, the institute of design strategy conference. Looks it was a great conference.  Despite being a Campagnolo fan, the presentation from the Shimano product manager, David Lawrence was fascinating.  Design led innovation is fundamentally impacting Shimano’s business, and the power of “outside in” is revolutionising their approach to a new market.  Any design thinker or cycling fan should have a look.   Shimano makes components, not the whole bike, yet their approach to the whole bike experience is eye-opening. It has lots of parallels for us software types too.

 (pity we cant see the slides, but you can see more about the coasting project on this site)

At the same event, Hasso Plattner talked about design led innovation at SAP. There are a couple of A1S hints for those that continue to eek them out, but it is great overview of the challenges in enterprise Software and he dips into SAP’s history, even back to the days of IMS.

The champion quote. “Software people have an erotic relationship to code”

Matthew Holloway, The head of the Design Services Team, talks about the challenges of applying design thinking at SAP.

If you’d like to understand the changes going on at SAP, I’d suggest you watch this. Matthew is an entertaining speaker, and he really knows design!

Have a look at what Martin had to say about a design led workshop.

Thanks to the conference organisers for videoing the publishing the presentations.  

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One thought on “Bicycles, design, co-innovation and the future of software.”

  1. Hi – Silicon Valley a bit far away for us. Will wait until our app is further along before we chat with the SAP guys in Woodmead.
    Simon G, Johannesburg

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