Talking ABAP

For the last  month or so, Craig and I have been doing the occasional podcast over on starship enterprisey radio. This week we discuss ABAP with Thomas Jung. Have a listen, Thomas knows his stuff.

Craig and I are experimenting with how best to use this medium- we’d like to cover a mix of business and technical topics in a laid back, conversational way. Considering it is your ipod we are polluting, please let us know what you’d like to hear about. Or better still, join us on the show.

Next up we are vaguely thinking about a roundtable podcast on all the cool SAP Adobe goings on.  Any volunteers? Form an orderly queue, please.



5 thoughts on “Talking ABAP”

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I’ve listened to all your released episodes and think they are really worthwhile. If you are looking for some feedback or ideas: stay on the topic you (both) are interested in and passioned about. And because you are so close to SAP, get some more interesting folks like Thomas “Backport” Jung and this may work out by itself.

    Keep up the good work,

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