And you thought your HR HCM transformation project was big and complex.

I’m on a big simplicity riff at the moment. We need to get a lot better at doing the simple stuff at SAP, hence my interest in design and UI, and my rantings about over-enterrpiseyness complexity.

Today though, I’m going to point to a big, complex project.   

On the 25th July I’ll be listening to this webex. 

Transforming the United States Postal Service

Date: July 25, 2007
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

Register today:

Join FCW and SAP for this 60-minute webinar with guest speaker Steve Monteith, Executive Director, Human Capital Enterprise, United States Postal Service

Hear first hand how the U.S. Postal Service is transforming its human capital management processes and technologies to enhance services and productivity while maintaining a sharp focus on employee needs.  By combining SAP system solutions with highly trained human resource personnel working in a shared service environment that is supported by an integrated technology infrastructure, the Postal Service is reducing administrative costs, significantly strengthening data management capabilities and improving overall efficiencies.  Learn how this endeavor will ensure ongoing high quality, employee-centered personnel services well into the future.

Driving change in an organisation of this size and complexity is a daunting task. US Postal has 700,000 employees, 7 million customers a day and operating revenue of 68,5 billion dollars.

The lion’s share of this success should go to USPS. Andrew, I guess this is one of those correct but bland uses of INATT 

The next someone says, “I don’t think SAP can cope with our organisation’s complexity levels”, I’ll point them to this recording. (Assuming of course that my colleagues in marketing put it somewhere where I can find it)

 Michael, this may interest you too.




2 thoughts on “And you thought your HR HCM transformation project was big and complex.”

  1. No offense Thomas, and I know you didn’t do the write-up, but can you throw more buzzwords in the summary…transforming, enhanced services, integrated technology infrastructure…

    What’s really different? How are users behavior changed? What’s the financial impact? How is it quantified? If its “employee centered” does that mean all employees are accessing SAP’s application? Please tell more…

  2. Jason,
    I thought about removing the marketing blurb, but then I left it, despite the buzzword overload. Perhaps I shouldn’t have…

    The story is very impressive and I’d suggest you pop by and have a listen.

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