Putting web 2.0 in a legal context

For me, most of next week is all about computer law. I’m attending Gikii and the Society for Computers and Law conference – Law 2.0? : New Speech, New Property, New Identity. The SCL event is chaired by Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law, University of Southampton, and Director of ILAWS, the Institute for the Law of the Web at Southampton, and  is hosted and sponsored by the firm Herbert Smith.

From the programme.

  • How do web 2.0, the “Semantic Web” and distributed computing interact?
  • What are the commercial and business model implications of web 2.0?
  • What are the social implications of social networking software and the “open access” paradigm?
  • What are the intellectual property and data protection laws impacting on these technologies and their exploitation?
  • Should public sector geospatial data be bought, sold, and “mashed up”, and if so, on what conditions?
  • How can identity and reputation be managed on the new Web?
  • Does Europe need to rewrite the laws of privacy and data protection in a web 2.0 world?
  • What dangers are we exposing children and the unwary to in a world of ubiquitous disclosure?
  • What laws govern virtual worlds? How do we do business there?
  • How do control mobile and distributed data in a connected world?
  • Should platforms like Facebook and You Tube be legally liable for user generated content?
  • Is Google legal?
  • What next in the music download wars in a web 2.0 world?

There will be a round table discussion on : Are tools like blogs and wikis inherently disruptive technologies in the workplace, and for law, democracy and politics?

I may try some live blogging again and maybe even a podcast (note to self don’t forget microphone, and remember that you are in a room of lawyers).

On Tuesday evening I’m attending the computer law group meeting in middle temple, this is the first time in almost two years that I’ve managed to be in London when the meeting is on, so I’m really looking forward to it.

On Wednesday I’ll be presenting a short paper on accessibility and web 2.0 at the absolutely packed agenda second Geek Law conference( gikii 2). I presented a paper at last year’s Gikii conference, so it is great to be allowed back. I understand from Andres there is a project underway to turn the proceedings into a book. Last year’s event was great, being described as: “Like a normal conference, only without all the boring papers”

Catching up with the law meets computers crowd in the UK will be fun and simulating and I perhaps I’ll meet the mildly notorious Geeklawyer. Hopefully these three days of academicness will motivate me finish (write) the evil thesis.

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