Predictions, a must read HR technology blog, and a conference.

Jason Corsello,  a fellow Enterprise Irregular, now works for Knowledge Infusion.  I recently caught up with him after about 10 missed calls from both sides of the pond.  

His company blog, Knowledge infuser, is a must read. (Well, for anyone interested in HR and technology.)  It is a very good example of corporate blogging. 

Prediction is a dangerous job.


(I took this picture  in the Mercedes Benz  museum)

But I agree  violently with the prediction in a recent  Knowledge Infuser  post on Microsoft

HR metrics and analytics space or as we call it; TALENT INTELLIGENCE will explode over the next five years.

This brings me back to an old chestnut.

More than any other discipline, HR has ignored the power of analytics. Statistics is rarely taught in HR  programmes, and many HR executives are blissfully unaware of the power that lurks in their ERP systems.  

Many companies have been successfully running core administrative processes globally. They have solid core processes at last.  One of the sweet by-products of well run administrative processes is decent data, but only if you do something with it.

 It is high time that we HR types exploit that rich vein, or someone else will.

If I was an HR director on the board of a major company,  I’d hire a maths and business graduate as my executive assistant.  I’d have him or her build me some serious models.  Supply chainers, financiers and even marketeers do.  Oh, and at the same time I’d  kick off a bit of scenario planning.  Heck, I’d even run a few customer led design workshops  to figure out exactly what I ought to be analysing.  I’d also get some CPM types on board, and look at integrating HR and Finance analytics. Out damn silos. 

I’ hope be at the London  InfoHRM conference in early December.  Peter Howes knows more about HR analytics than anyone I know.   I look forward to hearing more about what Nokia and co are up to.


2 thoughts on “Predictions, a must read HR technology blog, and a conference.”

  1. Thomas,
    Look forward to seeing you in December, but happy to give you an update on HR Analytics at Nokia anytime.

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