When customers do the marketing for you.

I read several Atlassian blogs regularly, it gives me an insight into a  company whose product I use almost every day. Jeffrey Walker blogged about Sun’s use of the confluence wiki tool. Great that the President of the company blogs about a recent win or go live. It beats a dull press release any day.  It is refreshingly jargon free too.

What struck me about the post  was that someone (Linda  and Dan) from Sun had gone to the trouble of creating a 6 minute video that put the wiki project in a Sun context. It is well worth watching. An excellent production.


Says a lot about customer engagement if they build this sort of thing off their own bat, and then share it with the world. Goodness indeed. It means that your marketing people can focus on the important strategic stuff like making cool t-shirts.


 My attempt at Sartorial elegance this morning.

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Understanding CSR..

I’m becoming deeply interested in corporate social responsibility, partly from a SAP product point of view, but more because I’m fascinated by the relationship between business and broader society. 

Much of what I’ve learnt about CSR over the last year or so has been through talking with James Farrar and James Governor.

Global warming is apparently the world’s most boring topic, yet despite this, James weaves carbon offsetting, the pope, Ian Paisley and Leonardo DiCaprio together into a most insightful, witty  post titled spiritual offset.

Not that the Holy See is being complacent about climate change, while it is clearing the path for us to the eternal, it is also still managing it’s own carbon footprint back here on this mortal coil. Last month the Vatican announced a massive carbon offset programme

I’m convinced that sustainability issues will become increasingly vital, both in terms of customer and shareholder relationships. It isn’t just about green issues, but the recent protests at Heathrow and the growing activism across the world point to a rapidly changing social fabric.

In the meantime, it is critical for all major organisations whether business, government or even the church to have antenna up, information on hand and be at the ready to engage intelligently with increasingly enabled and informed stakeholders

Welcome to the blogosphere James. Subscribed.


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