Stephen Fry has a blog.

It was down for several days because of heavy traffic. Finally I popped over to read his essay on the iphone. Simply brilliant. A joy to read. And good advice for all software sorts.

Break free, all you corporate software engineers and designers: the excuse that you are under the rule of dullards, greedy share-price number crunchers and visually and ergonomically illiterate yahoos is not good enough. Persuade them. Otherwise we all get a digital environment that’s a vile as a 60s housing estate.

I hope he continues to blog, as I’ve read everything else he has written.

As knackered hack put it

With such an erudite, philological creature dripping his honey-dew wit upon the blogosphere, the rest of us hack-a-day bloggers can start to feel a lot better about ourselves. He’s just raised our average considerably.

Stephen Fry was able to do justice to one of my favourite characters in literature, Jeeves. He has directed movies and TV programmes, starred in them, writes novels, screenplays, plays, poetry and non-fiction. He was on University Challenge, Black Adder, and have I got News for you. He has a TV show.He is violently witty without being mean or arrogant. A rare talent. A gem.

He also suffers from Bipolar syndrome, and he took the very brave step of making a TV series about mental illness.

A friend and colleague recently lost her brother because of this illness. The more that can be done to raise awareness about the very real damage that mental illness causes the better.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Stephen Fry.

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Fry has a blog.”

  1. SF has given us a lot already but there is so much more in him! Maybe he should become Prime Minister or UN Secretary…

    Apparently he owns 25 (!) smartphones and PDAs. Now that is just greedy. 🙂

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