Outside in development, deli.cio.us, democracy and the colgate twins

Del.icio.us is a fine thing. Ambient, not intrusive.  A gentle whisper, not the loud whine of a “may interest” email.  My life needs more via: and a whole less CC:RE:FW:

Courtesy of James Governor’s deli.cio.us links I saw  Carl Kessler’s outside in development.  I’ll be ordering the book, as I’ve just read Eric Von  Hippel’s Democratising Innovation.  The user as a locus of innovation has been a recurring theme in this blog, and Von Hippel’s book is helping me frame this more clearly. 

Teched, IVNS, SDN, BPX seem to fit well with von Hippel’s  Innnovation Communities concepts, and validates his point that user-innovators are willing to reveal their innovations. And speaking of lead users, over in Vegas, at SAP teched, the colgate twins showed the greatly enhanced version of their Wii experiment, now dubbed Majority desk.


photo from  Marilyn’s marvelous Flickr stream. Ed in action.

  Check out the video, courtesy of Cote.  There are more details here,here and here.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/10/PID_012730/Podtech_MajorityDesk_Wiimote_widget_d.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/4299/majority-desk-wiimote-3d-widget-desktop &totalTime=277000&breadcrumb=e88ba36f1bf34090974acf2c3f595dde]


Cote from Redmonk is on a roll with his teched coverage

One thing is completely cemented in my mind after CommunityDay: Adobe and SAP are going to have a baby soon. I’ve seen plenty of hand-holding over the past few years and SAP-land developers innovating with Adobe products at the edge. But, now I’m pretty convinced that we’ll see Adobe’s RIA stack as one of the new front-ends and ways of “engaging” with SAP-land

That’s the kind of couple you’d never expect, right? Hip, Macromedia-skin graphed Adobe gettin’ fresh with suit’ed up SAP. The early dancing must have been awkward, but they seem to be working it out.

Also have a look at the enterprise UI blog’s coverage. There is lots of video  and second life for teched, and I’m going to watch the O’Reilly talk tomorrow, but it has had plenty of coverage already. SAP as a web 2.0 company.  (but why aren’t the teched vids on youtube?)

I bet most people would regard the title of this post as an oxymoron. Surely SAP is a big, boring enterprise software company, about as far from the furious consumer innovation of Web 2.0 as you can imagine. Yet it’s been clear to me for years that SAP takes the ideas of Web 2.0 very seriously

It seems to me that Von Hippel’s user led innovation fits very snuggly with O’Reilly’s “collaborative intelligence”

SAP is also doing some great “in vivo” co-development with customers, with customer innovators invited to spend six months working directly with the imagineering team at SAP, reporting what they learn back to their company via blogs, wikis, and podcasts. I’ve often noted that Web 2.0 actually began with open source and collaborative development as early examples of how networking changed business processes. Here’s a really practical way for enterprises to put new forms of collaboration to work

Much to ponder.


(photo from marilyn’s stream,)

I’m looking forward to teched in München. I’m lucky enough to be going as a blogger.  I’ll be at the community day, and it  will be fabulous to meet in the meat some of the SAP geeky gang that I’ve only met via the blog.  I’m especially interested in what Nigel has to say about SAP-wordpress integration. 



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