Adobe at the community day. SAP teched

live blogging this session. (well sort of)

James Governor introducing Matthias  Zeller from Adobe. James talking about co-innovation and the excellent SAP-Adobe relationship, and the power of the community, moving beyond press-release partnerships.  James mentions T-Mobile’s use of flex with SAP HR.

Matthias spends some of his time evangelising  Adobe tools within SAP, and also in the broader community. (he is also a twitter king)

Adobe is about engaging experience…


 Business applications are ugly, because it is serious stuff  (roll laughter) , but this world is changing because of the casual user.  Adobe is everywhere.


Adobe integrated Runtime. (AIR) (used to be called Apollo)

Why do you need the browser? The browser is a document paradigm. This reminds me of what Allan Cooper said about the browser. (alt-tab over to google and voila)

The browser is a red herring; it’s a dead end. The idea of having batched processing inside a very stupid program that’s controlled remotely is a software architecture that was invented about 25 years ago by IBM, and was abandoned about 20 years ago because it’s a bad architecture. We’ve gone tremendously retrograde by bringing in Web browsers. Now we have an infinite variety of computers all around the world and an infinite variety of remote sites all around the world. That’s the power. And the power would be greater and the capabilities would be three orders of magnitude greater if we could get rid of this old, stupid, stinking technology of browsers. We have stepped backward in terms of user interface, capability, and the breadth of our thinking about what we could do as a civilization. The browser is a very weak and stupid program because it was written as essentially a master’s thesis inside a university and as an experiment. Internet Explorer is nothing more than a master’s thesis program.

Air runs on windows, mac and linux.

Some demos. Ebay Desktop Client. Salesbuilder. Very interesting visualisation options, well beyond what a traditional browser can do.  ooooooooooooh. Sweet. Drag the graph and it updates the pipeline.  No data entry.  Looks remarkably easy to use.  Next demo, google analytics frontend using Air. Looks awesome, mashups…..


SAP Briefing book demo. hooks into SAP procurement app (spend analytics) , developed with flex, for the demo, now embedded in AIR.  Drag back and forth with excel. Very very sweet charting features.



You can develop AIR either with Flex or HTML AJAX…Matthais demoed the development environment in Flexbuilder.

Business model. Air is free. but goals are to.

1. Drives design tools sales

2. Drives server and synchronisation tools. (lifecycle data services)

3. Use it to develop their own applications. (Amp, photoshop online,….)

(similar to the pdf reader model I guess)


Matthias presents really well and he knows his stuff.  Time to get him in a corner and talk HR related specifics.


The more I look at this Adobe stuff, the more impressed I become. 

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4 thoughts on “Adobe at the community day. SAP teched”

  1. @kunal kant depends really there are certainly many trains of thought on using Twitter with SAP, the most common is for information requests to backend systems – true also most of it is currently theory (although it does work) as you are certainly not going to want to go out and dump your internal info to the web without security first in place.

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