go ahead, make my community day

Some brief reflections from yesterday’s community day. (By the way you can watch the sessions over on SDN.)

1. There are close to a million SDN-BPX members, and it is still growing.  (lots of stats for those interested in social network dynamics)


2. You can connect SAP to almost anything you like. (WordPress and Twitter for instance) And there are some reasons why you might find this useful.

3. There is some really cool open source innovation at the edges of SAP. (BSP Flex generator, ruby, saplink….)

4.  Adobe rocks

5.  SDN is Von Hippel’s democratising innovation in action.

6.  If you are a customer, and you don’t send people to teched, you are missing out.

7. People actually watch the live streaming.

 8. Transparency wins.

9. The Mentor programme. A small committed group of people, well supported makes a huge impact.

My regret. I didn’t really get to chat to Bruce Sterling.


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