Jawbone is übercool.

Redmonk, arbiter of cool gadgets raved about the Jawbone. So Dan kindly brought one over. In short, I’m very impressed. Noise reduction, excellent sound quality, dead easy set up. The packaging is striking, but the device is simply awesome. It enables me to feed my mobile addiction in a new and cool way.

 Go buy one. now.



Here is a close up.




On my ear.


Is this tech or is it fashion?

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5 thoughts on “Jawbone is übercool.”

  1. If it’s fashion, it’s on the wrong blog šŸ˜‰

    How does it charge – can I use a USB cable, or do I need to carry another plug (and a 220 to 110 adaptor, which would make it completely ridiculous)?

  2. I love my Jawbone! But as Jason pointed out: don’t lose the USB charger with the proprietary connector. A replacement cost me about 25 USD – only to find the original charger a few weeks later, tangled up under a desk I had been working! Now I have 2 charger cables. Result!

    The only disappointing thing is when you’re in the car, pick up an incoming call and the first thing the person on the other end says is: “I’ll make it short, as you’re obviously in the car.”. They’re not supposed to hear that! šŸ™‚

    Fact is, it doesn’t exclude surrounding noise entirely, but it does a pretty good job, I have to say. I just wish more people would use them – or more headsets adobt the noise reduction technique.

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