A rugby thing. Go Bokke.

On Saturday, South Africa meet England in the Rugby World Cup final.  It will be a cracking game. 


Back in South Africa, my brother has decorated the front garden of the office.


 It is only game. Yeah right.


An email is racing through the South African Disporia requesting all South Africans to wear green and gold tomorrow, I figured I’d blog it instead…

Appeal to all South Africans and Springbok Supporters: This is a patriotic appeal to Springbok supporters and proud South Africans all over the world, and particularly those in London and England. This is a very important message and requires your support to  spread the word and make it happen. This Friday, 19th October, we call upon all South Africans abroad to  wear green and gold in public, especially on their way to and from  work. Whether it is your Springbok rugby jersey or just a South Africa  t-shirt – make sure it’s visible. If you are required to wear a suit –wear it over your shirt and tie on your way in to work. If you work  casual – wear your green and gold!

This is in response to a similar call made by Thabo Mbeki earlier in the week to South Africans at home, to show our very proud support and  solidarity for John Smit and the team as they take on England this  Saturday in the Rugby World Cup final.

Let us show the world that we stand as one – 100% behind the men in  Green and Gold. Wear your colours not with arrogant pride but with a  sense of unity and how far our nation has come!

Most importantly: as a matter of urgency please forward this message  by email, SMS or word of mouth to all the South Africans you know.  Time is of the essence. Send it back home to family and friends so  they can send it on to others abroad. Let’s show the world.

This is not only for a bit of fun – press and other organisations have  been informed to capture the day. This show of support will hopefully  be broadcast and the boys in France will gain a sense of the immense  support behind them.

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8 thoughts on “A rugby thing. Go Bokke.”

  1. tho it pains me to say it, the best team won the tournament. 4 more years for the ABs – hopefully the home advantage will help us in 2011 🙂

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