RIP Lucky Dube.

Mad, mad, world. Lucky Dube killed in Johannesburg. Back in the 1980’s he bridged the black-white divide with his music. I remember partying to him live at university.  He will be sorely missed. The world has lost a great musician, peacemaker and democrat. My thoughts are with his family.

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20 thoughts on “RIP Lucky Dube.”

  1. Had to believe his dead cse i n i has to pass on, but the way it happen brings sadness to the heart, am of praise to lucky Dube for his ability to spread the teachings of His majesty Haile selassie i. May the almighty Jah rest his soul in eternal peace.



  3. Lucky was an experience of his own. He inspired the world with his music and no one who listened to it would think otherwise. He didnt deserve to die that horribly. Rest in Peace Lucky!, rest in pease.

  4. I’ve always loved Lucky Dube ever since I was a little girl. I am so mad at those thieves.

    I will always love you Lucky you were my favourite and still is singer ever.

    Rest in Peace ma brotha 😦

  5. Lucky touched my heart many years ago and today it is heavy and broken.
    The joy, truth and wonderful music he brought us will forever live on in my heart and home. It is sad day to loose this soft spoken, gentle man who brought us truth and unity. I am blessed to have know him. My love and thoughts to his family and band.
    I sit here today with his music filling my house and tears filling my eyes.
    I will miss him dearly and what he brought to the my world. Rest in Peace Lucky.

  6. Lucky’s music and lyrics was a very powerful and I was very shocked to hear that We lost a hero.

    Messages behind his songs are very motivating and lucky did not hesitate to fight injustice in all his albums.

    Violence in South Africa has affected so many people and I do hope that the police will do everything possible to identify and arrest those responsible.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and fans during this difficult time.

    Rest in Peace Lucky.

  7. Wish we had you a little longer. Sadly, the world has a way of taking the peacemakers. Evil men may slay you but they can never slay the message you left with us. May your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  8. We weep , we mourn, the reggae world and the whole world will ever miss you and the peaceful messages you delivered. RASTAMAN LIVES.

  9. Lucky will forever be missed, his legacy lives on,the world will never be the same again without this great man. His body will nourish the soil of this tree of freedom,peace and justice that he fought for, and our generations will forever enjoy it’s shade and loving rest there. “Hamba kahle mtima,Mzomba,Nyamatane ” May his family seek God’s solace at thes hour of darkness,God almighty has been good to us,He first sent his loving son,He continually blesses us with his sons, Lucky Lives

  10. Lucky was a man of great inspiration. I have attended many of his concerts in San Diego California. This true messenger of piece and love will surely be missed. Another great legend to be killed senselessly. His legacy will go on. Condolences to the Dube family.

  11. I going to missing mr LUCKY P DUBE.I love you and your music will go on,i was very shocked to hear that we lost a hero you will always be remembered REST IN PEACE LUCKY DUBE

  12. i am saddened to hear the news of the death of a superstar. Words cannot express how I am feeling right now.The way in which you died is what you have alway song about in your songs. I have grown to love and appreciate your songs as they have given us hope as a black people. You sought to speak of racial discrimination,and violence. ttThe world has lost an icon and we will forever miss you. Sleep in the arms

  13. i am saddened to hear the news of the death of a superstar. Words cannot express how I am feeling right now.The way in which you died is what you have alway song about in your songs. I have grown to love and appreciate your songs as they have given us hope as a black people. You sought to speak of racial discrimination,and violence. The world has lost an icon and we will forever miss you. The humble man that you are, the energy that you had when you performed, will be greatly missed. Sleep in the arms of God.

  14. The world has truly lost a great person sadley his life was taken by one of his own, and that’s the way it has been throughout the years. I read on one of the sites where someone wrote “I wonder if the killers knew it was Lucky Dube’s car they were trying to hijack” don’t get me wrong when I say this because I love this man and I was bless with the oppertunity to meet and chat with at the same time why does it have to matter if ot was lucky the bottom line it should not have been anyone that got killed over a car. I do not condone violence but I will say that the people of South Africa need to stop killing each other and deal with the people you vote into power the ones that keep you oppress. Sometime God uses us a vehicle in which to get a message across and he uses the most public person and well love person so that the world will take notice to situations. How much good it does or will do, I don’t. What I do know is that it will take me a long time to understand Why idiots will kill someone who has done nothing but to speak out on their behalf. Wake up people start using your thinking ability develope some common sense and stop killing each other and this is not just for South African alone but for the billions of Blacks throughout the world who see fit to kill a Brother, Sister, Wife, Child, a mother or a Father. WAKE UP.

  15. KWENU! Our culture, our future

    The Prophet

    (A tribute to late music icon Lucky Dube)

    Odimegwu Onwumere

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    The glebe has become too hot, too cold,
    twisted out of its natural shape.

    The enemies have not succeeded,
    they only succeeded in futility
    just sending the dust back to the dust,
    but the spirit still dwells
    among your numerous cheerers.

    The enemies didn’t succeed!
    If they had succeeded
    they would have won
    lot of people who love you,
    whose lives depend on you,
    and the world would have been chaotic;
    you still exists!

    They only succeeded cutting the tree from the top
    not knowing it must germinate from the bottom,
    the assailants, enemies of love, lovers of doom,
    they didn’t succeed, they must hide their faces in shame.

    Like you admonished!
    “You gonna reap what you sow……”
    Those who abetted your decomposition
    would not go free from such reaping.

    Like the phoenix,
    you would germinate
    because they cut from the top;
    people are singing your praise
    as once a people’s praise singer.

    The world have taken cruelty
    as a modus operandi and call it freedom.
    The world that was known,
    is not the world that is seen.
    The world is not getting younger
    but its inhabitants act puerile,
    not circumspect before endeavours.

    The earth takes a year
    to make a circuit round the sun
    but man takes a blink
    to burgle-out fellow man’s breathe.

    The world has gone gaga
    and the psychiatrists are confused
    because of the many lunatics.

    Now you lay in the down of sleep,
    may the people die for the wrong
    they have done; may the Lord keep your soul
    from the crazy world you were living in.

    Now men of the world see from the darkness,
    how so bright is the world?
    When shall men forgive and forget?
    Whitemen are coming together with Blackmen
    But hatred isn’t separating from love.

    They got your flesh
    maybe to make them feel alright
    but couldn’t get your spirit
    which makes the world feel alright,
    the daredevils are buffoons!

    They thought that they have achieved their aim
    but this single act heralds your stardom and name
    to far beyond the west end than you were.
    The world’s people moan and mourn,
    you are all they have got,
    by your inspirational lyrics abhorring absurdities.

    Any hand in this act must go
    the same way they applied to you,
    because you make people happy
    and accompany people, even this poet,
    you are all he had as a musician
    but Almighty knows why it happened to you.


    Wherever you go,

    you are remembered, you are loved!

    There is no place to call a home,

    home now is in the mind.

    Onwumere, a poet and an author, writes from Oyigbo, Rivers State, Nigeria. Simply surprise yourself yonder!

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