Jawbone and Nespresso latte.

Readers of both this blog and dfof will be aware that I’m fond of my new toy, the Jawbone

On Saturday morning, while I was enjoying a bit of sunshine, the online papers and a latte,  a child of mine decided to baptise it in the aforementioned latte along with Thomas the Tank Engine.

It does say clearly on the operating instructions do not place in water, and I assume this goes for  frothy latte too. Not surprisingly it would not connect back to my phone, so I feared the worst. Alas, poor Jawbone, we knew him well.

But it dried out over the weekend, and it charged back up fine this morning. And gosh, it now it works.

At first it wasn’t perfect, with calls sounding rather tinny. But with each call it has improved, as if the latte is being slowly shaken out of the system. It managed a chat with James Governor without distorting, which is stress testing of the highest order.


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6 thoughts on “Jawbone and Nespresso latte.”

  1. So glad you resuscitated your gadget!

    Given the milk content of a latte (always drink espresso, that’s my motto) how did you clean it out so it wouldn’t sour on you?

    And what became of the boy, I wonder?

  2. Ha! Well, I may have to finally get a jawbone now that I know it’s latte-proof. I’m caught up on your blog too, now. . . tough to keep up!

    Hope you are well.

  3. Thomas –

    could it be your kids as dfofs in their own right launched their own protest against “instant Nespresso lattes”. The juxtaposition w the jawbone was too much to take. Bring back real lattes. Ban the instant…. if you know whats good for your jawbone. …..OR…. today the jawbone, tomorrow the BB……. I think the little DFOF people would say “you have been warned”!

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