Talent Management, the perfect storm?

I just received a newsletter from London Business School. This is normally a good read.  I’ve blogged it today, not just because of the HR related topic area and I find Prof Ready an interesting fellow, but because they have embedded video into the newsletter, and have allowed easy distribution via GoogleVideo. Shock,horror, business schools giving away IP. Well, give away a little bit and you get a lot back. Voting embedded too.  2.0esque. Edgy filming.. What next?

Is talent management is the number one issue for CEOs?


Watch it and decide.

There is lots of interesting stuff in the vid, Emerging Markets, Talent Factories, the P&G story… Also it is strikingly similar to an article I found  here, in HBR with the self same Prof Ready.  I especially like the bit about vitality. Keeping systems vital, is, er, well, vital. Mapping functionality and vitality is pretty damn good advice.


(btw P&G run SAP and Taleo I believe.)


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