May we have this please?

My inbox receives at least 40 emails a day from internal subscription lists, blanket emails, or helpful forwarders.  Some of them are really important, others not. Some of them are sent more than once, as some mid-management soul forwards them on with the helpful header “may interest”. Some of them are beautifully formatted rich HTML emails with black and white photos of the management across the top. These are brilliant to read on the blackberry, (not).

Some of them have monster powerpoints attached to them. Perhaps a big deal win announcement, or this SVP now reports here, or that there is a fabulous new training course on how to win in the mid-market, or that there is a HR shared service conference in Poland, or that we need to change the footer on the email to meet some odd law, or that Oracle has acquired our caterer, or or that there is a new process for expenses, or that it is quiet period, or if I don’t send my tax card in my tax rate will be changed, or that Christmas is coming and that it is in Q4.

Sometimes I send them myself.

Occasionally, mind you, I might need to find one of these damn things later. So they lurk, filling up my inbox.

Give me them in an RSS feed please, and leave my inbox in peace. Pretty please. I’m not Scoble, but I manage several 100 blogs and newfeeds in my feedreader from the outside world with consummate ease. Please, give me the same for internal stuff.

If they are in a feed I will read them, I promise.

Is Enterprise RSS a killer application? I don’t know, but email the way it is used today is dragging me down. I reckon  Jeff Nolan is in the right place.

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8 thoughts on “May we have this please?”

  1. WIBNI
    1) there is a folder in outlook “intranet” (xyzPortal)
    2) User should move any mail that needs to be shared internally or remembered to this folder
    -> visible to everyone within the company !
    -> *system* should tag these automatically and users can change them too ( for:ThomasOtter, for:DL_xyz, singapore)
    3) users should be able to feed into all items from someone or items based on the tags

    4) These items should be discussable 🙂

  2. Thomas,

    I want a feedreader too and I was only explaining a mechanism to help transition users who do not understand feeds and readers yet.

    The new share folder in outlook is just a metaphor to help them move any mail to share within the company and this is their feed. Anything that they move is basically either a tip to themselves and others OR a question. The tag determines authorization too..

    Ideally, I would even communicate with my manager by creating an item in this folder “Training xyz: approval to attend”

    By default, system should provide aggregated feeds for every DL , org structure, tag too contains the vision “In the long term, we need to remove everything from email that is not in the nature of personal correspondence.”

  3. Thomas, are you speaking in the context of the enterprise?

    We need to demonstrate the value and strength of moving out of the email channel and into RSS to our brethren (and cistern, to quote one of my favorite Kliban cartoons) in Corporate Communications.

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