Gapingvoid is on form.

Gapingvoid remains one of my favourite blogs, not just because of the cartoons, but also because he writes worthwhile bits in between them. Without the cartoons it would still be a damn good blog.

I’ll quote from yesterday’s post.

So all you corporate MBAs out there, here’s a little tip. When you planning on how to embrace the brave new world of Web 2.0, the first question you ask yourself should not be “What tools do I use?”

Blogs, RSS, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook- it doesn’t matter.

The first question you should REALLY ask yourself is:

“How do I want to change the way I talk to people?”

And hopefully the rest should follow.

Think about it.

[Bonus Link: For a more academic take on social objects, check out this post from Anthropologist, Jyri Engestrom.]

This is good advice, even for people who aren’t corporate MBAs.

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