Berlin web 2.0.


thanks Korbatz flickrstream

This irks me, well more than irks, but this is a family blog. The biggest  web 2.0 event in Europe. 

In our back garden.

And SAP nowhere to be seen.  

thanks Flickrstream cihgt

A wasted opportunity to position what we are doing with communities, design and new technologies. Wii hands anyone?  A chance to start to change perceptions?  learn about our blind spots?

 Microsoft is all over it.

I hope I’m wrong, and there are lots of SAPlers there, soaking up all that 2.0 goodness.


Thanks Shyne’s flickrstream (note to self: seek out details of Jeremy Keith’s talk)

At the very least we could have sent our slide template people along to learn about what cool slides look like.

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3 thoughts on “Berlin web 2.0.”

  1. Just one question: What about those IBM’lers from Stuttgart / Böblingen? Did they participate? I didn’t read or hear anything about them…. 😉

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