A new SAP blogger

Very good to see Edward Brice is now blogging. He is a marketing VP here at SAP. This is what he is writing about.

What’s more interesting is I find my “over 40” colleagues completely confusing themselves, and truly believing that the world as we know it, in a marketing context, is coming to an end. As they see it the fundamentals of marketing have changed, it’s a totally new world and you must be 12 to understand it. You’ll here them use terms like: I just don’t get all this stuff, or why did he throw a “sheep” at me?

Of course a few of the over 40 crowd completely embrace all this new hype even though they really don’t know what it means either. You know the ones. They start dressing in black, and start to sound like Tim Gunn, of Project Runway, as they tell you that you “so don’t get it”, and that you need to be put out to pasture.

So why not start a blog for the over 40 marketing professional. A blog where we can explore all this hype. You see I don’t think the fundamentals for marketing have changed at all. I think the tools, the communication channels, and the way in which people collect, create, and share information has. This means there are new opportunities to link our messages together, cast a wider net, and generate more demand. The new challenge of marketing professionals is more about how to optimize against reaching a networked audience versus a completely new playing field and rules.


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