The Queen 2.0

This is especially for those of you in marketing that want to control and command your brands and messaging.  You don’t want any corporate stuff on YouTube because you are afraid of the loss of control that this creates for your precious brands and campaigns. You want the material on your own website so that you can track who is watching.   You believe that YouTube is a wild and dangerous place. It would sully the brand to seen there.

Perhaps you should heed the words of this person in the pink dress and white gloves.

(from lizsmith)

Dear command and control marketing person,

As protector of the realm, defender of the faith,Head of the Commonwealth, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Duke of Normandy, Lord of Mann, and Paramount Chief of Fiji,  We thought it appropriate to inform that youtube is an entirely advisable way to communicate and converse with one’s subjects. 

If one choses to bury one’s content in the depths of one’s website, and use proprietary video formats, then one has only oneself to blame when one’s message isn’t heard. Get with the programme, as our American friends would be wont say.  

We are amused by this medium.


Elizabeth II



So head over to the Royal Channel and see what the Queen and the gang are up to.  She did her first TV message in 1957. According to the Register,

The Queen made her Christmas Day broadcasting debut 50 years ago in which she hyped the possibilities of television.

Back then she said: “I very much hope that this new medium will make my Christmas message more personal and direct.

“That it is possible for you to see me today is just another example of the speed at which things are changing all around us.”

More here.

Seriously, the next time some marketing person says we need to keep our stuff on the corporate website so that we have control, I’m going to suggest they contact the Queen.

The Queen is a social object. 

And Oliver, Geek and Poke cartoonist, has this to say.

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