Design thinking and toys.

A very dear friend of mine, a Designer here at SAP, kindly gave my kids Christmas presents. All the presents were very thoughtful, perfect for each child’s personality, but the present that his family gave my boy is simply gorgeous.  Automoblox.  This stuff should be on metacool. 

The design of the toy car makes me want to enlarge it and drive it very fast around a track.

They are easy to dismantle, and then reassemble into a truck, van, or a saloon car. A profoundly beautiful combination of classic materials, simplicity, aesthetic, design and purpose. I will let you know what my boy thinks of them once I stop playing with them myself.


The automoblix website is well worth a visit, the picture gallery is super.

I could make all sorts of metaphors here with SOA or the enterprise isn’t sexy debate, but that wouldn’t be in the yule spirit. But next time, when someone says that design doesn’t matter, I’ll show them these. Congratulations to Calellodesign.


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