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Hmm. I’ve been tagged. By Maggie and Susan. Their wish is my command. They are not to be trifled with, those two.

Last year I did the 5 things tag, so it seems that we are now heading into inflationary times.

1. I skipped going to the South African Army. At the time it was compulsory for white males to go, but I figured that if I stayed at university for long enough, the problem of spending two years being shot at or being very very bored etc would go away. It worked. This same technique doesn’t work for tax returns though.

2. I’m a collector of useless facts. While at prep school I once stood up (aged 10) in assembly and corrected the headmaster. He had just said that Charles Lindbergh had been the first person to fly non-stop  across the Atlantic. I stood and said, “Please sir, you are wrong. It was Alcock and Brown in 1919 in a Vickers Vimmy, Lindbergh was the first solo flight.” He replied, “Otter, I bow to your superior knowledge.”  Unfortunately, most other people are not as gracious when I bore them with trivia. This does mean I’m quite good in a pub quiz.

3. I lose things. My latest loss is my jawbone. If you find it, please send it back.

4.  Before I was married, I drove an old Porsche. A 1970 911 2.2T to be precise. It was a fantastic car, if a tad expensive to maintain. A early 911 remains my dream car.

5. One of my biggest regrets is that I never really gave mathematics a proper go at high school. I disliked my teacher, so I then disliked maths. It was dumb. Today I sense a beauty in mathematics that I can’t quite grasp.

6. I was born in  England.

7. My favourite bar in Heidelberg, if not the world, is Destille.

8. My brother will probably beat anyone you know at Scrabble.

In the tradition of these meme things, one should pass it on, so I’ll tag James Farrar, Steve Mann, Mike Prosceno,and Nigel James.

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