A seat at the table redux

From Claudine’s excellent stream.Thanks

Over on Phil Fersht’s blog the HR navel gazing seat at the table angst session about HR’s role continues, triggered by the inflexion advisors 2008 predictions. Lots of interesting comments. Very similar to the discussion over here last year.

The brilliant Evil HR Lady Nailed it then.

What are models? Crud people, hire yourself some statisticians.

This HR angst about its role and importance, and whether it has, deserves or will ever get a seat at the table or not is rather tiresome. It has been going on ever since I started in the field in the early 1990’s, and it is about time it stopped. If HR is to get a seat at the table, then it needs to get off the therapy couch.

The other predictions from inflexion advisors are a lot more interesting. Subscribed.

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2 thoughts on “A seat at the table redux”

  1. Good morning Thomas –

    I’m very glad you enjoyed my attempt at palm reading the often sweaty hand of the HR industry. Also, congratulations on the new role (if I read Corsello’s blog correctly). Your site and commentary is very refreshing.


  2. Seat at the table???? Are you kidding? Dinner is over and the guests have already left.

    In the majority of companies,
    HR is now only HR-IT (Payroll, CompAdmin, BenefitsAdmin and Compliance Reporting) and, most importantly, HR has become the Corporate Gestapo responsible for eliminating legal claims for improperly managing employees.

    Human Asset Management is now the responsibility of logistics along with the rest of a companies assets. Good thing too, since they do a better job of it.

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