A holiday and a new start.

Greetings  reader(s),

I had a hectic couple of weeks wrapping up at SAP.  I wanted to post a couple of things then, but time just slipped away.  I’ll get back to them eventually. 

Now I’m back from a break in the snow.  I was offline for about 10 days.  Not even a tweet.


 Picture 060

The family and some dear friends had a fantastic break in Verbier, Switzerland.

Should you wish to have a combination of awesome party, brilliant service and perfect off and on piste guidance, combined with unique South African hospitality, then check out Verbier-skiing. Although we South Africans are fond of a superfluous  superlative adjective on occasion, this was indeed a ski holiday of epic proportions.

Where else can you have a braai in the snow?

With Boerewors.

And this view.

Picture 003

The team ski-bike ride from the top of the mountain is not to be missed, but the highlights for me were seeing the girls elegantly gliding down red slopes, and the boy on the smallest skis in the shop.

My better half  provides a succinct review of the week here.

George, the main honcho at  Chalet Venus, also plays a mean guitar, and could make a living as a stand up comedian should be be so inclined.  His team are so friendly I had more people say “hello Thomas”  in 20 minutes of arriving at the chalet than I’ve had in 10 years of living in Germany. 

But now I’m back, and in the process of settling into my new job. The first week has been fabulous.  My blogging will be a little sporadic as I get settled down, and I need to figure the direction that the blog will head in. It will probably need a new name for a start.

Picture hol1 124

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