Government spending and bicycles.

Government spending has all sorts of unintended consequences, some good, some not so good.  Without DARPA we would probably not have an Internet, and the Valley south of San Francisco would still be famous for oranges.

I was in Dubai last week. That too, is an example of Government intervention. It is a spectacular if sometimes gaudy example of the state and capitalism working together. I’m guessing Keynes and Hicks would have been impressed.  It reminded me of Vegas, but much more imposing.

And speaking of Las Vegas,  some very clever fellows at Lew design and build the carbon composite bits of the some rather mean looking aircraft. 

“Welded Wing was designed to deliver STUAVs deep into denied territories. The full Welded Wing configuration will allow a total mission range of over 1,100nm and provide up to five separate missions at time of separation. The S-Class (Mothership) will provide GIG/SATCOM relay and a non-GPS reliant communications network will control the UAVs. Onboard mission computers and real time C2 will allow mission parameters to be changed in theatre.”

More acronyms and euphemisms  than an enterprise software brochure. 

But these same fellows turned their attention to the bicycle wheel and came up with this wheel. Swords and plowshares 2.0.


They can  cost  up to 15,000 US dollars for a custom wheelset. But they weigh just over 700 grammes for the pair.  Gosh. 

It is a sad reflection on our global  society that these are a byproduct of unmanned weapon delivery.

Instead of ogling insanely expensive carbon wheels I should really get on my bike and ride up a hill or two.

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One thought on “Government spending and bicycles.”

  1. Saw your Tweet on this, and promptly informed my husband that I will not support paying more for cycling wheels than we did for our first car. (Or at least not until we win the lottery…) Interesting history though.

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